Wolfram Tetzlaff


Research in Dr. Tetzlaff's laboratory is focused on neural development and regeneration, working towards an understanding of the failure of the spinal cord to regenerate after spinal cord injury, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the development of therapeutic strategies for spinal cord and brain trauma.
After a spinal cord injury, damaged nerve cells shrink or even die and often fail to make an attempt to regrow, or, in more technical terms, fail to express regeneration associated genes. Dr. Tetzlaff has been focusing primarily on this problem of neuronal response to injury. His group is successfully developing a technique to motivate the injured CNS neuron to regrow its axon by stimulating the expression of regeneration associated genes.

Ketogenic diet improves forelimb motor function after spinal cord injury in rodents
PLOS ONE 8(11):e78765
Streijger, F., W.T. Plunet, J.H. Lee, J. Liu, C.K. Lam, S. Park, B.J. Hilton, B.L. Fransen, K.A. Matheson, P. Assinck, B.K. Kwon, W. Tetzlaff