Michelle Tseng

Assistant Professor

Aquatic and insect ecology & evolutionary biology

NEW: *I am accepting 1-2 students for fall 2023 to investigate (a) plankton responses to warming, (b)  relationships between tree traits and insect diversity, or (c) mosquito ecology and evolution. Please email me for more information. Prospective students must be eligible to apply for external funding*

Plankton & Freshwater Ecosystems

  • Nutrient availability in warming waters;
  • Microplastics, warming, and aquatic ecosystem heath;
  • Responses of phytoplankton to warming waters

Insect Communities

  • Effects of warming on insect populations and communities;
  • Mosquito ecology & evolution;
  • Using urban green spaces for insect conservation and pest reduction;
  • Citizen science & insect conservation;
  • Plastic-eating insects 

Lab Members

  • Ali Dimitriou - Work Learn student
  • Sophia Fan - MSc student
  • Natasha Klasios - PhD candidate
  • Savi Raghuraman - Honours student
  • Markus Thormeyer - PhD student

Peter Wall Scholar

For Research

Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies