Kathy Nomme


Office: Biosci 3123

I am very interested in student learning and have been involved in many aspects of undergraduate teaching and student learning.

  • History

    BSc., Biology Program, UBC

    MSc,. Botany Department - Plant Ecology, UBC

My role in the Biology Program has been to teach, primarily First-Year students, to pursue teaching and learning research interests, and to facilitate the training of graduate student Teaching Assistants.  Using an evidence-based approach I have investigated best-practices in teaching that facilitate student transition to learning in university. Areas of research include:

  1. Investigation and measurement of student attitudes towards Science
  2. Development of active-learning teaching strategies and field experiences
  3. Measurement of conceptual learning (Q4B https://q4b.biology.ubc.ca/)
  4. The intersection of self-regulation and inquiry-based learning.

I have also contributed to the development of a series of Teaching Assistant training workshops (BioTAP https://blogs.ubc.ca/biotap/)  and continue to participate in the workshops promoting best practices in teaching and learning.


Courses Taught:
Biol 111 – Introduction to Modern Biology 
Biol 121 – Genetics, Evolution and Ecology 
Biol 140 – Laboratory Investigation in Biology (Course Coordinator)
Biol 535 – Teaching & Learning in the Life Sciences

Faculty of Science Killam Prize for Excellence in Teaching

For Teaching
Development of the Statistical Reasoning in Biology Concept Inventory (SRBCI)
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