Robert Devlin

Adjunct Member


Area of Expertise/Interest:

General Genetics
Gene Structure and Function
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Brief Outline of Research, Etc.:

A recent focus of research has been the application of molecular and general genetics to questions in salmonid biology. Specific projects include: 1) Production of transgenic salmonids with enhanced production traits for growth and feed-conversion efficiency, disease resistance, and flesh quality, with an emphasis on providing objective scientific information from which the potential and the risks associated with this technology may be evaluated; 2) Development of sensitive and specific molecular diagnostic assays for genetic sex (Y-probes), stress and pollution-response markers, and several specific parasitic pathogens that infect wild and farmed salmonids; 3) Evaluation of the potential for natural and artificial hybridization among and between Pacific and Atlantic salmonids; 4) Determining the genetic relationship among species and strains of salmonids, and application of variable molecular markers to quantitative traits (e.g. precocious maturation) for breeding purposes; 5) Production and evaluation of bioactive compounds (e.g. growth promoters, peptide antibiotics).