Florum is a weekly meeting of people from several UBC departments for discussing topics in Plant Ecology. The format is very flexible. One person each week is responsible for sparking the discussion in whatever way they chose. This may involve presenting tentative research ideas, a set of data in need of analysis, a new or old paper to decipher and discuss, a finished research product, or anything they see fit to open for discussion. The main goals are to allow people to get feedback on their research at any and every stage, to explore ideas/papers/methods that people want to better understand, and to connect the rather dispersed group of plant ecologists on the UBC campus. In order to maintain a casual atmosphere, presentors are encouraged to use the whiteboard and describe their data and ideas, rather than relying on Powerpoint.

Florum is on a break for a while - but feel free to use the Florum list for other plant ecology news, or to arrange informal meetings of the group (i.e. conference practice talks, etc).

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