Biodiversity Discussion Group 


The Biodiversity Discussion Group meets weekly to discuss recent research papers and topics in biodiversity from both ecological and evolutionary perspectives. 

Any interested undergraduates, graduates, postdocs, and faculty are welcome to join the discussion. This is a friendly place - the question you have is probably a fundamental question many are wondering about. So speak up. 

Time: Mondays noon to 1 pm (bring a lunch)

Location: ZOOM link provided. 

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Spring 2021 Schedule



Readings, tasks etc.


Jan 18

Say hi and old and new faces and set schedule for Spring

Lindsay Davidson

Jan 25


Go to Connectivity job talks!

Feb 1

Temportal trends in insect abundance

Paper: Nonlinear trends in abundance and diversity and complex responses to climate change in Arctic arthropods (link). 

Optional (good overview): Insect decline in the Anthropocene: Death by a thousand cuts (link). 

Discussion points: Hill numbers - I have not used these and would like us to chat a bit about them. What are the pros/cons of identifying taxa to the family level? What do you think about segmented regression?

Michelle Tseng

Feb 8

Biological Diversity and Cultural Diversity

Paper: The Intersections of Biological Diversity and Cultural Diversity: Towards Integration (link). 

Discussion points:

Ed Tekwa

Feb 15



Feb 22


Paper: TBD

Discussion Points: TBD

Sam Straus

March 1

Social/Ecological stability and response

Paper: TBD

Discussion Points: TBD

Ira Sutherland

Mar 8


Paper: TBD

Discussion Points: TBD

Jessica Schmidt

Mar 15

Role of Microbiome in differentation

Paper: TBD

Discussion Points: TBD

Jordan Rosenfeld

Mar 22

Evolution of biodiversity, scale, and macroecology

Paper TBD

Antonin Machac

Mar 29

Rapid Evolution

Paper TBD

Tess Grainger

Apr 5

Easter Monday